JOLIET, Illinois – Readying himself for the moment he meets Hailie Deegan during the grid walk for the first Michelin Pilot Challenge race of her career, longtime race fan and creep Sean Ryan is sure Deegan has no idea what she is in for. “A lot of people just want to tell her good luck and wish her the best but me bringing up how much I love her smile and how good her hair looks will make it all so unbelievably uncomfortable for her. Mentioning that I know she just turned 18 wouldn’t be a bad idea either,said Ryan, adding he also has nonverbal ways of making Deegan wish he would go away. “Once she realizes that I might be a sex pest and makes a point of ignoring me, that’s when I stand off on the side and take pictures of her for another five minutes but don’t say a word. Rubbing her back while we take a photo together would really make her cringe.” Ryan later added that “there is nothing wrong” with any of this and he swears not to talk about how hot he thinks Hailie’s mom is.