DAYTONA BEACH, Florida – Aware that time is running out before the IMSA season begins at Daytona in one week, race director Beaux Barfield has not decided on a way for race control to directly affect the outcome of the race. “I spent the winter looking at different options that included obscure penalties or even enforcing ones I said we wouldn’t before the race started as long as everyone played to the same rules, but none of that seemed really all that fresh. Teams and drivers should know that I still have a couple tricks up my sleeve but am not sure what will be most effective right now,” said Barfield, who is proud of how he handled last year’s race where he made cars circle for hours on a flooded track with no real plan. “That was a good one and left all the teams wondering what I was doing and how they should work around it, but expecting rain like that again and planning around it is just lazy. The highlight of that weekend was just letting everyone go green at random times then calling the race when the conditions were no better or worse than they had been, but this year I am just considering going with a classic like track repairs that take too long and screw up everyone’s strategy or getting the running order mixed up during a yellow. The worst feeling in the world is letting people around you down which keeps me up at night.”

Barfield added that every year he likes to raise the bar and is confident this year will be no different.