RICHMOND, Virginia – Noticing a change in his behavior since he watched an episode of Dinner With Racers centered around an infamous NASCAR poster, Maria Walleck now says her husband talks about Tim Richmond’s dick way too often. “The show was funny, and we both thought it probably wasn’t a dick, but now he won’t stop talking about it. I asked him last night that he not bring it up while we were eating and in front of the kids, but he brought it up anyway. While I was at work, he sent me four texts about it including a zoomed in picture of the poster telling me he now believes it is a dick,” said the frustrated mother of two wondering how long this is going to go on for. “Last night the kids were getting ready for bed, and instead of helping me he wanted my opinion on whether I thought Richmond’s suit was zipped up or not, because he is now sure it is open, but the shadows make it look funny. When he brought up his issues with the length and girth for the third time, I just went to bed. This cannot possibly go on forever.” 

Walleck added that to keep the peace she plans on setting boundaries and certain times of the day will be put aside for talk of Tim Richmond’s dick.