ATHENS, Georgia – Sick and tired of his mother telling him to go out and get a job instead of playing video games day and night, sim racing enthusiast Bobby Lubbock, 35, figured out recently that wearing his VR goggles while racing is a great way to avoid her. “She has a real problem respecting boundaries, and she used to just barge in whenever I was racing and start her normal spiel of telling me I needed to find lucrative employment and grow up, but these goggles make it easy to avoid eye contact until she takes a hint and leaves the room,” said Lubbok sporting a pair of $500 Samsung HMD Odyssey+ goggles that he bought using his mom’s credit card after months of begging. “We have the same argument about once a week, because she does not understand my passion for the sport or what it takes to become a pro. Any night of the week you can find me on iRacing going at it with anyone from Dale Jr. to Matheus Leist, and these aren’t nobodies off the street but some real heavy hitters. Last week I finished just eight spots behind Townsend Bell in a spec racer at VIR, and she didn’t even care. All she asked was how many places I sent my resume too. Now when she sees me wearing these things she just walks out of the room and doesn’t bother. Thank god.”

Lubbock added he convinced his mom that he sent in a couple resumes last week then asked for $800 that would buy him a new Next Level Racing seat.