MUNICH, Germany – In an industry-first offering, BMW has launched has launched a ‘Drive Like An Asshole’ School for new buyers.  “We are seeing a decline in new BMW owners driving like assholes,” said Uwe Dreher, VP of Marketing for BMW, “Yes, overtime all BMW drivers start cutting people off in traffic, rolling through stop signs, and parking in two spaces at the grocery store, but we need to get BMW drivers into these habits sooner, so we are happy to announce our “Drive Like An Asshole” school, available to any first-time BMW buyers.”

Through 2020 the BMW DLA schools will be traveling to different locations offering 3-day classes starting in Los Angeles, California before moving to Chicago, Illinois, and New York City.  BMW DLA will then move across the pond with stops in London, Barcelona, a quick trip to Beijing with a final 7-day school/celebration taking place in Munich.