MOM’s BASEMENT – A sim racing streamer is trying to take his setup to the next level by adding a bunch of stuff his to screen that real race cars and drivers do not have.  “I love sim racing and strive to make it as real as possible,” said the streamer who goes by the name ‘Gamer Muscle’, who doesn’t actually look very strong and should be called ‘Gamer Weakling’, “I need to have my position shown in four different spots, have a countdown timer in three different spots, have a graphic for my wheel angle and pedal input strength, see the time gaps to all the cars around me in three different spots, have a car location warning graphic and then leave 1/10th of my screen open for actual driving.  It’s called immersion, look it up!

I will continue to wear gloves as well to keep this as real as possible while playing with my plastic toy wheel in my mother’s basement,” finished Gamer Weakling.