MIDDLETON, Wisconsin – Holding onto hope that the Corvette C8.R would have a difficult time during The Roar and give him something to complain about, lifelong Corvette fan and owner of a yellow C5 Brad Arnett was disappointed with the the team’s positive debut for the brand new model. “The test was a real bust for miserable people like myself. Ford leaving dealt a big blow since they were always easy pickings for why Corvette was not winning every race as they should be, and it would have been nice to see the C8.R way off the pace and me being able to complain about IMSA already screwing up BoP,” said Arnett, who did not plan on throwing in the towel just yet. “On the bright side this was only a test and still two weeks before the actual race where anything can happen. In a perfect world one of the Porsches would just crash into both Corvettes early on and give me plenty of material for bitching about the rest of the race.”

Arnett added he planned on watching one race from last year where the Ford GT dominated just so he can get his hate back.