DAYTONA BEACH, Florida- A source at Daytona International Speedway told The Lugg Nutt that anyone using the term ‘sandbagging’ during the upcoming three day test leading up to the 2020 Rolex 24 are just as lazy as when they used the term all the previous years. “We get it. A lot of people in the paddock and on social media like looking over the times and claiming that one team is purposely going slow and that is proof of a nefarious scheme. For some reason they always act like saying sandbagging is some hilarious joke or shows them to be enlightened on the subject of a car’s performance,” said the source, who asked for anonymity on the grounds of being ostracized by every mechanic and driver who likes using the word ad nauseam. “Every year the term is so overused that it no longer has meaning yet every year someone says it and gets a hearty laugh and a knowing nod from those listening or seeing the term posted by some driver or team on Twitter. It stopped being amusing sometime in the late 90s.”

The source went on to say he fears the usage will reach an all time high with the debut of the Corvette C8.R.