MARANELLO, Italy- Knowing that Ferrari’s love affair with drivers can turn on a dime, Charles Leclerc was happy to secure his with future with the fabled Italian F1 team for a further five years knowing that he will probably be fired after the third year is up. “Getting this deal done now takes a lot of stress of for 2020, and lets me focus on nothing but being competitive and aiming for a world title. Ferrari is showing their confidence in me with this extension that is usually unheard of in modern F1, but I also know there is a really good chance they will turn on me publicly after the second year and make the likelihood of finishing out the contract highly unlikely,” said the Monégasque, who took two victories in his first season that included a triumph at Ferrari’s home race at Monza which will matter little to anyone in management 36 months from now. “My win at Monza was the highlight of my season and played a part in the team’s decision in locking me down for the future, but the time will come sooner rather than later when someone in management will tell the Italian media it was luck or that I haven’t won there since, and that is when the end will be near. It’s all part of the glamour of driving for Ferrari.”

Leclerc added that if he is lucky Ferrari will not ruin his entire career by telling everyone in the paddock he is toxic and cannot be trusted.