CLOVIS, New Mexico – Not sure much more evidence is needed that gives credence to his idea that society is in a downward spiral that cannot be reversed, area man Brian Cosley is absolutely sure that Roger Warrick’s IndyCar stickers are irrefutable proof. “There is a lot of awful shit happening right now, but my wife keeps telling me that being a pessimist does not help. Her problem is she has not seen any of these stickers that Warrick keeps pumping out. Any hope I had of things getting better are ruined every time I see another one,” said Cosley, who enjoyed Warrick’s previous work but now has evolved into something that embodies society’s eventual downfall. “Some of the stuff I liked were all the races posters for IMSA events, but now it’s just too upsetting for me to even think about. Damn it, have you seen that Wickens in a wheelchair one? The world is burning, and Warrick isn’t helping. How am I the only one seeing this?”

Cosley’s wife said she fears for her husband’s metal health that is quickly deteriorating quickly now that he has discovered the IndyCar posters promoting Marshall Pruett podcast.