TEMECULA, California- Expressing gratitude for the support of Ford Performance that will allow her to run a full season of the the ARCA Menards Series and select IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge races, Hailie Deegan reiterated her appreciation for the opportunity to further her career and trigger incels all over the country. “Ford Performance is the reason this is happening, and 2020 will be the biggest chance I have of getting to the next level whether it be NASCAR or IMSA. This also results in thousands of guys who are emotionally stunted and blame women for everything to get really mad at me for no reason, but that just makes this sweeter,” said Deegan, who only recently turned 18 and makes the vitriol from incels even more targeted and angry. “Imagine being a guy in your early 30s, sitting in your dirty basement apartment and blaming an 18-year-old woman or any other woman for that matter. Wait until they find out I get a free car from Ford while they are missing payments on their mom’s old Tercel and living off Cheetos.”

Deegan added she has been dealing with stuff since she was 17, but most the guys then would hide their sexual frustration by just saying what a bright future she has and asking what she is planning on doing next.