SAN DIEGO, California – A self-servicing racing journalist has given his readers yet another touching, personal story about a racing insider who died, which he has done for every racing-related death over the last 35 seasons.  “This driver was such a close friend, I don’t know exactly what to say at this point, I’m still shaking,” begins every death story the journalist posts, “I remember when myself, Greg Moore, Aryton Senna, Bill Simpson, Dan Gurney and Jeff Krosnoff were having a camp fire drinking Hot Toddies one October during the off season just shooting the wind, because we were all so close.  I’m pretty sure we solved all of racing’s problems that night when we weren’t talking about how close of friends we all were.”

Billy, as I called Bill Simpson since we were so close, used to call me ‘Scout’ because he totally remembered my name since we were so close and good friends.”