AMES, Iowa – Finding out that his time off request had been denied, local man Mark Goslin texted a friend telling him he would not be going to the Rolex 24 come January and then lied by saying that going for the Roar Before The 24 will be just as good. “This really isn’t that big of a deal, and I had already considered going for just the Roar anyway. It is such a great value for the money,” said Golsin, who was not fooling anyone and had already told his friend two weeks ago he had his flights and hotels booked for the 24. “The vibe for the Roar is looser, crowds are much more laid back, and you have three days of cars on track with not having to pay attention to running orders and stuff like that. It’s going to be a blast for sure. I might even make a new tradition out of going every year.” 

When asked by his friend why he said last year the Roar was a waste of money and only attended by old guys and Cub Scouts, Goslin replied that his friend was thinking of someone else.