GROVE, Oxfordshire- Admitting that the last couple years have been way too stressful and exhausting for her, Claire Williams finally came out and told everyone that signing Dan Ticktum as a development driver for Williams Racing is because she just doesn’t care anymore. “Over the course of the last two years, my life has been a complete nightmare. It was has been a combination of crippling anxiety and stress, and I needed a way to make public that I am completely done with caring about any of this, and signing Dan Ticktum and making him a part of the Williams Racing Driver Academy was just what was needed,” said Williams, who could not believe how relieved she felt after hiring Ticktum who had been banned from motorsport for two years and eventually lost his Red Bull support due to lackluster results. “There is not much doubt Dan has become a pariah after being banned for two years and not doing much after that which is understandable. That is why I thought he would be the perfect fit here and let me unburden myself from having any concerns about what happens going forward.  Plus, I’m rich, biiiiitch!”

Williams added that Ticktum was not her first choice but Alex Yoong never returned her call.