PLOCK, Poland – Needing to convince personal sponsor PKN Orlen their support is vital for securing a role with a Formula 1 team for 2020, Robert Kubica met with several representatives from the Polish based oil supplier and gave a PowerPoint presentation pleading his case for more money but skipped over the part about having only one good arm. “2019 was not the year we had hoped for, but because of PKN Orlen I was able to fulfill my dream of returning to F1. The results were unacceptable but can easily be explained by my time away from the sport, Williams going through tough times, but not because of any physical deformities resulting from an accident that I never disclosed before taking your money last year,” said Kubica, who past over slide 22 detailing his 2011 crash in a rally event that left his right arm permanently damaged. “There must be something wrong with this computer, but it’s no big deal. That slide was just some boring stuff about activation during the Japan weekend. If anyone cares that much, I can shoot you an email later with the attachment. It really was nothing.”

Kubica joked his reason for keeping his arm hidden under the table was the result of sleeping on it funny the night before.