BOULDER, Colorado – Sitting at home looking through the list of vendors that will be present at this weekend’s Performance Racing Industry Trade Show in Indianapolis, team manager John McCarthy is excited to see all the new products that will be on hand and knowing that he has no intention to buy any of them. “The amount of vendors is staggering to say the least, and that’s why I plan on going just more than one day. There will be too many people to talk to and ask questions about stuff that I have no interest in ever purchasing,” said McCarthy, who was really excited at the long list of companies peddling 3D printers. “About five or six years ago seeing displays for start-ups doing 3D printing demos and trying to convince you that you will be able to make replacement parts for you car in your own garage were extremely rare, but now there dozens of them that you can bother for hours with you both knowing there is not a chance in hell you will ever follow up and take a seriously look at buying one.”

McCarthy added that he really wants to try on a couple new helmets in hopes the vendor will give him some free pens.