PARIS, France – Wondering how anyone that has seen announcements over the last week could be taking them seriously, WEC officials confirmed that of that stuff was just one giant troll job. “How in the world is it not evident this is all a joke? Year after year people keep taking everything we do seriously instead of just finding something better to do, and we thought this week would finally convince them we are not a professional organization and just like sending out press releases that are intentionally stupid and watching people react,” explained the WEC director of competition, Leonard Espry, who was referring to the screenshot of a car from Gran Tursimo meant to represent the new Peugeot Hypercar, confirmation that privateers would not be allowed in Hypercar, and cutting 40hp from the P2 class next year. “Think of how asinine this stuff is. If this were any other racing series, fans would have thrown in the towel and said enough already, but we do it, and people are still discussing the merits of these decisions and what it all means. It means you are suckers, but everyone back at my office is having a good laugh.”

Asked what he was planning on doing next, Espry said nothing has been settled on but a directive that all cars must be pedal powered would be hilarious.