DU QUOIN, Illinois – Claiming that there are plenty of young and talented USAC drivers who deserve a shot at the Indy 500, area man Clarence Tams says he would suggest some if only he knew any of their names. “There are lots of them out there on the circuit that have a hell of lot more heart and grit than almost anyone running the race these days, and I would tell you who that might be, but I can’t name a single one,” explained Tams, who was adamant there has to be at least a couple who are qualified, but he could not tell anyone who that might be. “Truth is I haven’t paid attention much over the last 40 years or more, but are you telling me the same outfit that gave us big names like AJ Foyt and Pancho Carter still aren’t producing big time talent like them? When you are running races all year all over the Midwest and have big crowds showing up at those local dirt tracks to watch, there is no way you don’t have the skills for your chance to win the crown jewel of racing. USAC was and is king when talent is all you need. It’s just too bad there aren’t any that come to mind right now, but I know they are out there.”

Prodded for answer about how many USAC champions have won the Indy 500 in the last 40 years, Tams said he was not sure and added he just wants less foreigners.