TALLAHASSEE, Florida-  Anticipating that this day would eventually come, Corvette Racing fan Mitch Norris knows that he only has until the Rolex 24 in January to come up with a bunch of new excuses about why the C8.R may not win as many races as he wants. “Ford was a tough competitor and a welcome addition to GTLM, but I know they were cheating and IMSA was giving them secret performance breaks and screwing over Corvette at every opportunity. Now that Ford has backed out and can’t pay off IMSA anymore, I need some other excuses about why the new C8.R won’t win either,” said Norris, noting that saying Ford never built enough of the GT to comply with the regulations that define a production car. “Going on and on about how many production cars Ford built was a classic, but that is not going to fly in 2020, because Porsche and BMW build plenty. What I have come up with so far is that IMSA will let BMW win out of fear they could withdraw after what happened in WEC. What better way to keep a team around then letting them cheat? Porsche already got a waiver for changing the engine placement which the production car does not offer, and their drivers like just hitting other cars with no consequence so there is that at least. I am sure there are plenty of ridiculous claims based on no evidence that will come to me in the next couple months.”

Adding that while he would like seeing Risi return for a full season, coming up with excuses about a car that has not shown up much lately would be a much bigger challenge.