SPEEDWAY, Indiana – Reminding everyone that although he has agreed to purchase IndyCar and Indianapolis Motor Speedway from Hulman & Company, the sale will not be finalized until January which means Sebastian Bourdais, James Hinchcliffe, and Spencer Pigot not having rides is happening on Tony George’s watch. “Of course I am concerned about Sebastian, James, and Spencer potentially sitting out a full season. All three are popular with fans and have a strong competitive spirit, but you can not blame me, because Tony George is still in charge in case anyone has forgotten,” said Penske, who said he understands why fans are frustrated but that it will not be his problem for another month or two. “Our fans have every right to voice their opinions and be upset about why this has happened so suddenly this off season, and I encourage them that calling the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and letting let Tony George and Mark Miles know they are frustrated would be their best course of action. Again, fans have until January until I take over.” 

Penske went on to say that his words mean little right now but should this trend continue he might try putting off completing the deal until April.