COBRA ISLAND, Gulf of Mexico – Cobra Commander and Cobra Command have lodged a lawsuit against Elon Musk and Tesla over an alleged patent infringement on the new Cybertruck the Palo Alto-based company revealed last week.  “Sssssss, thisssss isssss clearly a version of our Cobra Tank that Elon and Tessssla ssssstole, ssssss,” said Cobra Commander to The Lugg Nutt, “If former Cobra Tooper Musk thinkssss he will get away with thisssssss, he’ssssss wrong! Cobraaaaaaa!

While it had been suspected that Elon Musk was part of some evil empire in the past, the claim from Cobra Commander that Musk had once been a low-level Cobra Trooper is astonishing and shocking, but makes most of his projects make more sense as he clearly attempts to take over the world and space.