LOS ANGELES, California- Feeling that the time was right to come out of hiatus and speak truth to power, California rock back Rage Against The Machine announced a reunion starting with a series of concerts come March. Guitarist Tom Morello said the current climate in IndyCar and the treatment of James Hinchliffe forced the band to make a call to arms, “As any of our fans know, we have not performed a single show since 2007 when it became likely that Donald Trump would become president, and I felt we should come together again, but this time not because of fascism but because of how James Hinchcliffe was treated by McLaren.” Flashing his new guitar that was now inscribed with ‘This machine does not string popular drivers along before dropping them’ Morello continued. “Everyone needs to know that Rage Against The Machine has always fought injustice head on and never shied away from controversy or bowed to authority, and Zak Brown can’t just run and hide anymore. He must answer for his crimes.”

Morello added there will be no new material but ‘Know Your Enemy” is now “Know Your Enemy Who Is McLaren CEO Zak Brown”.