MANKATO, Minnesota- Wondering what the FIA could have possibly been thinking when deciding on the 2020 driver ratings, a local man with absolutely no skin in the game is way too angry about something that has no effect on his life. “There is no transparency in the evaluation process or explanation. The whole thing absolutely stinks, and there is no reason for the FIA not telling me how any of this works,” screamed Josh Childress triggered for no real reason other than wanting to hop on a bandwagon. “For example you have a driver that is obviously a professional and is rated as such then a week later the FIA quietly revises the rating and now this driver can go out and partner with another professional. What world are we living in right now? Is money exchanging hands? This process is completely flawed and impacts the lives of people looking for a level playing field and the opportunity to win races. I am not one of them, of course, but that the whole thing sickens me.”

Childress added that he plans on spending a couple hours on social media replying to whiny drivers and acting like he can completely sympathize with their predicaments.