LOS ANGELES, California- Having identified as male for 39 years, the one time host of Top Gear USA and current NASCAR reporter Rutledge Wood has asked that everyone now use the pronoun “flannel” as his identifier. Wood says the decision of coming out and asking to be accepted as flannel was not easy, “This is something I have known about myself for quite some time but did not know how I should handle telling everyone that identifying as flannel and not male is who I am. This has been a massive weight off my shoulders, and I know not everyone will respect my decision for going public with this, but what is important is being who I am, and if this gives just one other person the strength to tell the world they identify as soft woven fabric of cotton, wool, or some sort of synthetic material then it was worth it.”

 Wood denied this was an attempt at viral marketing meant to benefit Duluth Trading Company in any way.