LOS, ANGELES, California- Responding to concerns that the all-electric Mustang Mach-E would dilute the legendary brand name, Ford Motor Company Chairman Bill Ford assured Mustang fans the Mach-E is not only worthy of the name but gives customers the performance they expect and allows them to be environmentally friendly when driving uncontrollably into crowds of onlookers. Ford took a few minutes to address those concerned, “I assure all Mustang owners and enthusiasts that there is nothing for them to be worried about. As a Mustang owner myself, it was imperative the Mach-E needed to be all-electric with a good driving range and enough horsepower so that most drivers will lose control doing something stupid that ends with the car jumping a curb and taking out those watching all with zero emissions.”

Ford said he looks forward to the coming months when videos of Mach-E drivers losing control coming out of cruise-ins and jumping medians start appearing on YouTube.