BURBANK, California – Disney Plus has been inspired by 20th Century Fox release of Ford vs Ferrari and has announced a new racing-inspired show called “The Amdalorian”.  It’s a story about a Pro driver who is categorized as a Silver amateur driver and bounces from team to team while on a quest to find a factory seat.  “It’s a heart warming story,” said lead writer Michael Tolinger, “The AMdalorian goes from team to team, seat to seat as a Silver and seem happy with his life, but in the back of his mind really wants that factory seat and a Gold rating.  You’ll see him buy rides, take on rides with shady teams that pull out in the middle of a season, plead with the FIA to be rated as a Gold, pitch himself to manufacturers, and constantly be worried about his current employment status.”


The AMdalorian is set to begin in late December as a build up to the Daytona 24 Hours.