PUEBLO, Colorado- Worried that serving her country honorably would never be fully appreciated by anyone and her achievements had been totally forgotten, local veteran Kari Baylor was overwhelmed upon seeing a tweet from Meyer Shank Racing that she was remembered and thanked for her personal sacrifice. “Ever since coming back from Afghanistan, I have never come across a single person that cared or acknowledged my decision to enter the military and spend time overseas to defend America’s freedoms, spread democracy, and protect those who cannot protect themselves. All it took was a tweet from Meyer Shank Racing and my spirits soared,” said Baylor, believing that Meyer Shank Racing had her specifically in mind when posting. “Michael Shank is a really good guy and a successful business man who definitely puts a lot of thought into everything. The idea of him coming to work on Veterans Day and having me in his thoughts is more than I can put into words.”

Haynes went on to stress she is not really sure how twitter works but was confident the sentiment was posted on Veterans Day and not scheduled days in advance then forgotten about.