GREEN BAY, Wisconsin- Sitting in a theater at the Bay Park Cinema waiting for the trailers before Ford v Ferrari to end, obnoxious old white guy Dale Norris was happy to let everyone around him know there will be plenty of technical errors and historical inaccuracies throughout the movie’s two and a half hour run time that he will likely point out. “Everyone in this theater has probably never even heard of Carroll Shelby, and a couple kids two aisles up said they are just here because Jason Bourne and Batman made a movie together. Just wait until I point out the engine in the test mule should be the 289 and not the 302 the movie used. That will shut them up and take any joy out of this,” said Norris, who planned on shaking his head and mumbling out loud every single time the movie did not get every meaningless detail correct. “In the trailer Christian Bale is wearing a black pair of shoes, but in real life Ken Miles only ever wore shoes that could best be described as a shade of hickory. If they can’t get stuff like that right, then imagine how many other mistakes I will have to critique out loud for two and a half hours.”

One man three seats over from Norris had already warned his wife they might have to move after spotting a glimpse of the Gulf branded shirt Norris was wearing.