LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Thousands of SEMA attendees have gathered in Las Vegas to place bets on which new car-care company is the first to go bankrupt and out of business.  As of writing Ceramic Pro leads the way with 7-1 odds to go bankrupt first with over $220,000 placed on them to collapse.  Flamingo Car Care Tech Co is next up with $180,000 in bets placed on them with Angelwax a close third at $160,000.

It’s a great annual event and something we always look forward to,” said SEMA PR Director Pam Willmington, “Last year many made a nice profit after betting on eEuroparts to go under and we’re curious to see what actually happens with Cermaic Pro this year.  One to keep an eye on is COLORBOND, but I’m placing some side bets on Purestar and their little towel company to run out of money by Q2 2020.”