SPEEDWAY, Indiana – Realizing that his recent purchase of Indianapolis Motor Speedway is limited to the historic track and surrounding properties but not an endless supply of free tenderloin sandwiches, Roger Penske now wants a refund. “In my negotiations with Tony George the thought never crossed my mind that a lifetime supply of free tenderloins sandwiches was not part of the deal. Tony never mentioned it, and my lawyers assumed that any and all assets included with IMS meant as many tenderloins as I desired, but now we know that is not part of the deal so I just want my money back,” said Penske, who bristled at the thought of having to walk over and get a sandwich from Mug n Bun every day. “The concept is ludicrous. When you go and buy a car, you don’t ask the salesman if it comes with tires or an engine. You just know that is what you are getting. I should not have to get up from my desk and walk across town and pay for a sandwich at the Mug n Bun when we have kitchens on the premises that I paid for.”

Penkse’s lawyers advised him that with the hoped for refund he should just go buy the Mug n Bun instead.