It was this past Friday when an old source close to Tony George called to tell us, “Something big is going down at the Speedway.” How big I asked. “Biggest story in decades. You should probably get out an article or mention it somewhere, and then when this big story breaks you will get all the attention. I am serious.” This sounded intriguing but instead of mentioning it anywhere we conveniently did not which is why we are now only telling you about it.

But then Sunday we got another tip from someone close to Roger Penske who told us the Speedway and IndyCar were being bought from the Hulman/George family. This might sound like the kind of story that any media outlet would kill for, but we felt it would be better for the sale to be made public first then tell you we knew all about it.

It was late Monday before all the hype and press attention had finally wound down when we spoke by telephone with both Penske and Mark Miles who chided us for not breaking this story based on the tips we received. “You people are known for putting out every rumor and bit of hearsay you come across which everyone knows is not true,” said Miles while Penske chuckled in the background, “what made you hold off this time?”

We in the business call it credibility.