CHARLOTTE, North Carolina- Giving fans and media a glimpse of their 2020 Cup Camaro, Chevrolet decided upon describing the car as new even though a number of people were sure it might just be last year’s car with some extra letters and a number tacked onto the end of the model name. “Despite Chevrolet using the word new, I have my doubts after seeing the renders. Under the current rules there is not much they can do, but why not go with evolution which instead of making a big deal of just changing what model they are calling it?” said local man Dennis Hastings, who read the press release from Chevrolet but still was not convinced. “They threw some extra stuff in there about suspension and aerodynamics but no one other than the teams will know if that is even true or not, because people like me don’t care about that stuff anyway. Wait, hold on. Chevrolet says the nose will not be as pointy. Now I am convinced”

Chevrolet defended themselves against criticism by telling people they should go see the nonsense Porsche does every year with the different 911 models.