NAZARETH, Pennsylvania- Watching the Houston Astros lose Game 7 of the World Series to the Washington Nationals, Marco Andretti could not believe how badly the Astros chocked on baseball’s biggest stage. “The Nationals did a great job of coming from behind, but the Astros not keeping their composure or being able to capitalize on the opportunity at the last second and close the deal was really bad. People will remember that for a long time,” says the guy who once led the Indy 500 coming onto the front straight on the last lap and will never admit he probably lifted too early. “Houston’s fans must feel really crummy today knowing that it is an entire year before the next World Series and seeing their team trying again. Then again this might have been their only shot, and the Astros will never get this close again and be judged forever.” 

Andretti added the Astros should not be ashamed and always tell people they do not think about it every day.