AUSTIN, Texas- Looking back on his weekend in Mexico where he lost pole position because he did not slow for a yellow flag then had two incidents of contact on the first lap with the result being a sixth place finish, Max Verstappen says he has reason to believe his ‘drive like an asshole’ strategy might not be the best going forward. “When I saw the yellow flag that came out because of Valterri’s crash, it occurred to me that the appropriate course of action would have been lifting off the throttle just a bit to avoid any penalty, but I also thought to hell with that and just kept it floored thinking that being an asshole was the only way to go. It was not until the interviews afterward where I admitted it and doubled down that maybe this was not the best strategy,” said Verstappen, who also admitted his attempt at trying way too hard at the start and possibly taking out Lewis Hamilton is something he might want to rethink next time. “Before the race it was no secret that I would be way too aggressive going into turn 1, and the idea of letting everyone down was weighing pretty heavily on me. In retrospect running into Lewis then cutting my tire on Valterri’s front wing making another asshole move was really cool at the time but not so much now.”

Reached for comment on Verstappen’s re-thinking of not being such an asshole on track, Christian Horner said Red Bull will consider firing Alex Albon to raise Max’s spirits.