AUSTIN, Texas- Checking into his hotel Sunday night fresh from a third place in Mexico and still having a mathematical chance of winning the Formula 1 World Championship, Valterri Bottas was readying himself for an entire week of having to lie about how confident he is about beating Lewis Hamilton and taking his first championship. “I have been preparing myself mentally for this since Russia. Everyone knows we were going to get to the point where Lewis would have such a large points advantage that my hopes of a championship would become laughably slim, now we have reached it, and I will spend the next week keeping a straight face and acting like I really believe I can still pull this off,” said a stoic Bottas as he went over his itinerary that included numerous private appearances for sponsors. “Every single appearance on my schedule is in front of hundreds of people that will expect me to grossly exaggerate my own confidence in being able to win all the remaining races and hoping Lewis does not score more than four points. This is going to be exhausting but is what I have been preparing my whole life for.”

Asked what he would do should he manage to pull off the seemingly impossible Bottas said he is not one for jokes.