SAN FRANCISCO, California- After seeing leaked photos online of what appears to be a major design shift for BMW, local middle management yuppie Aidan Lewis found he was having a really hard time coming up with excuses for purchasing any new BMWs no matter how much he would be ridiculed. “Everyone I  know said there was no way BMW was going to use the Concept 4 design, but like an idiot I said that if BMW did I would be first in line for whatever model they redesigned, and not only do I regret that but now need excuses for eventually buying one,” said Lewis, who of course had a BMW M3 themed calendar in his cubicle. “My dad really ridiculed me for buying a 5 Series with the bangle butt, but I defended myself by saying the driving dynamics had taken such a step forward the looks did not matter. This time that excuse will not be enough.”

Lewis was later seen making a list of excuses that included how many components BMW now makes from carbon fiber as well as the great fuel mileage.