MEXICO CITY, Mexico- Speaking with the assembled media at Thursday’s FIA press conference, Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo said a big part of the attraction of racing in Mexico and the US is not only the fans and unique atmospheres at both places but also the silly hats drivers will get to wear. “Mexico City and Austin are definite highlights on the calendar every year for all of us. The Mexican fans really go all out as does the track in making us all feel like we have arrived at a destination instead of just a place, and the city of Austin embraces the whole weekend as one big party, but what we all know we can all look forward to at both places is having silly hats handed to us over the span of a weekend,” said Ricciardo, who is best known for drinking from his shoe and not wearing silly hats. “Russia gives us those ushanka hats, but they are not that silly and just make your head itch. One year Melbourne tried giving us all didjeridus which is not a hat although it can look quite silly when used by people with no experience. There is a lot of opportunities for silly hats at other tracks that are overlooked. Where are the Pirelli branded berets in France? This is easy stuff.”

Officials from Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez and COTA assured drivers there will be plenty of silly hats for everyone except for Robert Kubica who has been completely forgotten about.