HEAVEN- Going over a list of regrets since He formed the universe, a repentant God took full blame for Pinks that ran for five seasons SPEED TV. “That one is totally on me. At the time I was really in my Fast and the Furious stage and wanted something for the small screen that would capture that edginess, but the product I put on SPEED was really a low rent version. The worst part was casting a guy who was supposed to remind people of Vin Diesel’s character Dominic Toretto,” explained God, who regretted the show’s tagline more than anything. “The “Lose the race – lose your ride” is another thing I have to own up to. There was a point when you could go to the SPEED website and get swag with that on a t-shirt, and now it makes me cringe just thinking about it to be honest. A lot of people do not remember this, but I actually did a spin-off called Pinks: All Out. I am so sorry.”

God added He is currently working on a re-make of I Wanna Date a Race Car Driver that will be a surefire hit for CMT.