LAS VEGAS, Nevada – After announcing the removal of Pro entries from their GT3 grids, Stephane Ratel announced more changes to SRO’s GT World Challenge America series in an effort to attract more competitors to the class.  “We’ll be removing racing from the weekends to help get costs under control,” said Ratel, “we are confident that getting rid of the races will help see more GT3 cars on the entry list for 2020. We have a goal of 18 cars on the entry list, I think we’re going to blow that out of the water.”

When asked if he thought just reducing the amount of weekends and making some small tweaks to the format would be enough to lower costs and entice teams to the series, Ratel responded, “That is not what our customers want.  Our customers want to be bitches and pull out mid-season, but then bitch about not racing, so we’re giving them the not racing.”