By Jim France

When Scott Atherton told me and our board of directors that he would be stepping down as the head of IMSA, it was imperative that I find someone that would lead IMSA just as strongly as Scott has in his long tenure in the sport and look for someone that already owned some black Dockers and an IMSA branded polo shirt. For anyone that cares the NASCAR brand is not doing all that great which means that IMSA is not getting the same budget as previous years which means less money for branded shirts and black slacks for our IMSA staff. I spent months interviewing people and asking about their vision for IMSA and wanting to know if they had any IMSA polos or black pants. It was shocking to me how many had the pants but no branded shirts. John has always been someone that was on my radar as a potential replacement for Scott should Scott decide to move on from IMSA, and I knew from seeing how he dressed that he would not need to file any expense reports for new pants or ask me for some shirts. Therefore, I could not be more confident in John for taking IMSA forward based on his leadership skills, vision for growth, and that he already owns some black pants and IMSA polo shirts.