INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana- Wanting a more accurate description for his online question and answer articles for RACER Magazine, Robin Miller’s “Miller’s Mailbag” will be rebranded “Miller’s Dumpster“. The rebrand should help readers get a better feel of what they should expect on a weekly basis according to Miller, “Every week I give fans an insider’s viewpoint of what is happening in the Indycar paddock and also answering the same questions, sometimes more than once in the same week. When people see the word mailbag, they assume everything being answered is unique and offers something new. In fact 50% of what I answer is people asking what are the chances that Milwaukee or Cleveland will be added back on the IndyCar schedule or wanting to know when is Cosworth coming back. It is mostly the same garbage on loop. In fact I copy and paste most of my answers.”

Looking through some of the emails for the upcoming week, Miller pointed out three people complaining about Alexander Rossi being a foreigner and wanting him replaced with Chris Windom.