HOUSTON, Texas- Knowing that IMSA will be going with a new platform for its top class in 2022 and expecting that the off-season will now be full of monotonous speculation about it, local man Jason Kellog is preparing himself for the inevitable barrage of columns from different sportscar related media outlets. “This off-season is going to be particularly rough when you think about the possibility of some sort of common platform between the ACO and IMSA and the nonstop reporting about what that might all mean and what manufacturers are allegedly involved in any discussions,” said Kellog, who wisely removed his Google Chrome bookmarks for Sportscar365, RACER, and Dailysportscar. “The hypercar rumors over the last year really tested me as a fan, and now knowing that it looks like a failure only makes all the articles about what might happen with DPi that much worse. All I can do is be brave and get through this dark period until the Rolex 24 in January.”

When reminded that Formula 1 will also be going through a massive rules overhaul for 2021 that will be reported on incessantly, Kellog balled up on the floor and wept.