DAYTONA BEACH, Florida – Looking for a reduction in entries and staff, sportscar car racing series board members from around the globe met in Daytona to talk about further purge tactics going into the 2020 season.  “We’re on target for our goals,” said one sportscar racing series board member, “So far, so good.  Not only are we seeing a reduction in DPi, LMP1, GTLM/GTE, and GT3 entries, we are even starting to get series heads to ‘retire’.”

“Our plan is to continue to drastically increase costs for our privateer entrants and essentially force them out for no apparent reason.  We’ve started adding refueling to races for a series that has no reason to refuel, and get this [laughing hysterically] we’ve even added an 8 hour race when the rest of the season is only made up of 90 minute races! [continued laughing] Can you believe that?  Some idiots are still actually going to pay for this stuff! [laughs more],” said another series official.