BRASELTON, Georgia – Upset over a late race clash with Pipo Derani that ended his race, Earl Bamber went on to complain about Derani and did not even get the irony of the situation. “Pipo was just out there running around with no respect for anyone else. To have our race end because another driver is out there just slamming into cars and not caring at all about what happens is really upsetting,” said Bamber, who was completely serious in his comments that were also a self own. “IMSA isn’t going to do anything about it either. It is like Derani just walks on water and the other cars do not matter, and the rest of us are just supposed to let it go. What a sad state of affairs.” 

Asked what he thought of Bamber’s remarks, Derani was sure someone was playing a prank on him and that Bamber could not possibly be that dense.