CHARLOTTE, North Carolina – With an exciting announcement on Tuesday, Chip Ganassi Racing has added Marcus Ericsson to their 2020 Indycar lineup as another driver who will not challenge Scott Dixon, five-time Indycar champion.  Team spokewoman Tammy Williams said, “We are very happy to bring in Marcus and all he can do for CGR – like stay out of Scott Dixon’s, five-time Indycar champion, way and hopefully get in the way of Newgarden and Rossi.  We look upon Marcus to challenge, but not that much, and really just kind of stay in the mid-pack and maybe crank out a top ten as long as he’s not ahead of Scott Dixon, five-time Indycar champion.”

Chip Ganassi Racing was founded in 1990 and Scott Dixon is a five-time Indycar champion.