SPEEDWAY, Indiana – With the start of testing the new-for-2020 Aeroscreen, the Indycar technical team would like to thank all Facebook Group engineers and article commentators for what Indycar should do and focus on during testing sessions.  “We would really like to thank everyone who took the time to critique and send helpful information to us in regards to our aeroscreen testing despite never once seeing our testing plan or knowing anything about the actual engineering or driving of a current-spec Indcyar,” said one Indycar technical team member, “Without these old, white men telling us what to do, we probably would have missed something that would have caused multiple, horrific driver deaths in the 2020 season.”

Indycar technical officials would like to reiterate they are thankful for all the suggestions that come pouring in for the aeroscreen and welcome more to be sent because they are totally listening.