CHICAGO, Illinois – In an effort to reach the female demographic, the ACO has partnered with alcoholic seltzer beverage company White Claw with a series of motorsport-inspired flavors.  The first to hit store shelves is ‘Endurance Driver’s Seat’.  “White Claw is happy to partner with the ACO and help them reach a new demographic with our motorsports line,” said White Claw’s company spokesman, “‘Endurance Driver’s Seat’ will be the first release and will give our consumers a hit of sweaty alcantra on the nose and finish with sweet sweat/urine notes.  It should really help bring female viewers to the sport.”

The White Claw Motorsports line will also include ‘Scent of a Grid Girl’, and ‘Hypercar’: an expensive, yet underwhelming drink done in limited quantities.  Cases of ‘Hypercar’ will include an inconsistent number of cans – sometimes 3, sometimes 4, maybe 6 if you’re lucky.