ARLINGTON, Virginia- Promising that on Thursday he would expose presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren as a sex crazed maniac with a fetish for motorsports reporting, Jabob Wohl stood out on the steps of a random townhome and made the bold claim Warren had once had an affair with an unnamed 24-year-old sportscar racing journalist. Wohl alleged that Warren first made contact with the journalist through the comments section of his motorsporst focused website, “While Senator Warren is running a campaign based on handouts and socialism, few people are aware of her time spent cavorting with the journalist in her sleazy attempt to travel with him and attend various international races,” accused Wohl, who was wearing a WEC branded hat meant to troll both Warren and the journo. “We are asking that the journalist/website owner remove the comments section of his website which is nothing more than Backpage for people like Warren looking to get their freak on with racing journalists.”

At press time, Warren’s campaign said there was no truth in Wohl’s claims but can not deny the senator’s lust for the website’s notebook features.