MENLO PARK, California- Facebook reported late Wednesday evening that a spike in triggered posts reached an all-time high upon the unveiling of the Corvette C8.R set for its racing debut at next year’s Rolex 24 at Daytona. “Last night we saw a massive spike in comments from people triggered about something. When we analyzed the data, the source was identified as the unveiling of  the Corvette C8.R,” said Facebook’s director of data acquisition Martin Potter, who at first thought bots were the reason for the rapid pace at which the triggered posts were occurring. “Some of the responses we came across were things you would normally only see on political posts which is why we assumed we were looking at some sort of attack from different bots, but that turned out to be incorrect. Our metrics told us it was almost exclusively white males who had recently retired and about half of them had photos of a C5 as their profile. The other half had not figured out how to post photos so their pages were all blank.”

Potter added he is not sure this record will ever be broken except the IndyCar windscreen thing is closing the gap.