TULSA, Oklahoma- Going through the photos and specifications of Mazda’s new TCR car based on the new Mazda 3, team owner Doug Simpson was excited at the prospect of purchasing one for the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge without the baggage of having to be competitive for six years. “This car has been rumored for some time, and now that they have unveiled it, I have to say that it looks great and has the performance figures to match. The one thing that sells me most on the idea of buying one is not having the burden of worrying about being successful for a half a decade or more based on the history of their other programs.” Simpson then continued after sending Mazda Motorsports director John Doonan an email asking where his check should be sent, “Mazda is a great manufacturer and partner that does their best in terms of marketing and working with teams that can expect to roll their cars out most weekends and then just load them back into their trailers well before the races are even over, and this is really appealing in my opinion.”

Simpson went on to add how cool it would be if Mazda added a feature that would turn the car into a giant ball of flames from time to time.